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Our Products

Luxury Bamboo Satin Pillowcase Hand-crafted in Nepal

Luxury Bamboo Satin Pillowcase Hand-crafted in Nepal

Bamboo Satin Pillowcase

(available for purchase in December of 2019)


Want to preserve your blowouts? What about your skin's natural moisture? This 100% bamboo fiber satin pillowcase is the perfect addition to not only your ethically-made linens collection, but also to your beauty routine! 

Uses & Features:

  • can help limit hair breakage

  • can help limit hair and skin dryness

  • inner flap prevents pillow slippage

  • natural fabric composition

  • dye-free

  • human cruelty-free

  • animal cruelty-free

  • environmentally sustainable


  • 100% bamboo satin

  • fits standard US pillow (32" L x 20" W)

  • handmade in Nepal

  • color: Himalayan Snow